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Demolition Services

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Demolition services are essential for urban renewal and development. They help safely remove old and outdated structures, making way for new opportunities. Fahrner Excavating specializes in demolition work and remains committed to ensuring efficiency, health, safety, and environmental responsibility. We take pride in clearing spaces for future developments with utmost care and professionalism.

Comprehensive Demolition Services

Urban redevelopment projects benefit from the range of services offered by demolition contractors such as Fahrner Excavating. These services include:

  • Structural Demolition: The interior and exterior teardown of residential and commercial buildings and structures. Our demolition team carefully demolishes structures to protect the surrounding area and minimize impact on nearby buildings.
  • Demolition and Hauling Services: We will carefully demolish buildings and structures and dispose of the debris. Our hauling services include transportation to appropriate facilities, including recycling centers and licensed landfills.

Looking to hire a demolition contractor? With years of experience in a variety of demolition methods, reach out to the demolition experts at Fahrner Excavating!

Stevens Point-Plover Demolition

The Demolition Process

  1. Pre-Demolition Assessment: Before any demolition activity begins, Fahrner conducts an assessment of the structure. The assessment includes the type of structure, material, size, and surrounding area. Reviewing these details allows Fahrner to use the most effective demolition method and minimize environmental impact.
  2. Obtaining Permits: Demolition requires various permits from local authorities to ensure compliance with regulations. This step is crucial for any demolition project to proceed legally and smoothly.
  3. Site Preparation: The area around the demolition site is secured, and safety measures are put in place to protect workers, the public, and adjacent properties. This may involve erecting temporary fencing and signage and determining the best routes for hauling away debris.
  4. Use of Wrecking Balls: The traditional wrecking ball remains an effective tool for some structures. To demolish a building made of heavy materials like concrete and masonry, skilled operators suspend a wrecking ball from a crane and swing it into the structure. This method allows for precise control of the swing and impact, making it an effective way to break apart the building.
  5. Employing High-Reach Excavators: When it comes to tall structures that require precision and control, high-reach excavators are the go-to choice. Equipped with long arms and various attachments like shears and crushers, these machines can efficiently dismantle buildings piece by piece, reducing the risk of uncontrolled collapses. They also offer a safer alternative, allowing for the strategic dismantling of structures from the top down. In other words, high-reach excavators enable workers to take down tall buildings with greater accuracy and safety.
  6. Material Sorting and Recycling: As we demolish structures, we sort the construction debris on-site and separate concrete and other recyclable materials from non-recyclable debris. We prioritize recycling and process concrete for reuse in future construction projects. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainability at Fahrner Excavating.
  7. Debris Removal and Site Cleanup: Following the demolition, the site is cleared of debris and hauled to licensed landfills or recycling centers. The final step involves cleaning up the site and preparing it for the next phase of development.
  8. Environmental Considerations: During the demolition process, we actively manage the environmental impact by controlling dust and noise and preventing contamination of the surrounding area.

The Importance of Expert Demolition Contractors

Our team of professionals brings years of experience to every residential building and commercial building demolition project. We complete each project by maintaining safety and efficiency while complying with local, state, and environmental regulations. Key benefits include:

  • Use of Latest Equipment and Practices: Modern technology and methods reduce risks, increase efficiency, and minimize environmental impact. This includes the use of precision demolition techniques and heavy equipment that can safely navigate complex structures.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Fahrner Excavating demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. During concrete removal, our team will haul all of the concrete debris to a recycling center for reuse. This reduces waste and promotes sustainable practices in the construction industry.
  • Safety and Compliance: Complete Demolition is a high-risk activity that requires strict adherence to safety protocols and regulations. Our professional demolition contractors are ready to handle these challenges. From start to finish, our team prioritizes the safety of all workers, the public, and the environment.
Demolition team on a job site tearing up material

Recycling and Waste Management in Demolition

A key aspect of modern demolition services is the emphasis on recycling and proper waste management. Fahrner Excavating takes responsibility for handling all materials in a responsible manner.

Concrete Recycling

When concrete structures are demolished, the resulting debris is often viewed as a burden to be disposed of. However, this perspective fails to recognize the potential value of this material. Concrete debris can be a highly valuable resource for future construction projects.

By recycling and reusing this material in new building projects, we can reduce the demand for new concrete and minimize the environmental impact of construction activities. Furthermore, using recycled concrete in construction can provide cost savings and improve the sustainability of building projects.

Licensed Landfills and Recycling Centers

We make sure that any waste that cannot be recycled is taken to authorized facilities. This guarantees that it is disposed of in a way that meets environmental standards. This approach helps to minimize the ecological footprint of demolition projects.

Concrete work underway with heavy machinery

Hire Fahrner Excavating For Expert Demolition Services

Demolition services are integral to the continual evolution of our urban landscapes, removing barriers to new developments while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Contractors, such as Fahrner Excavating, use up-to-date techniques and advanced equipment to carry out demolition projects that prepare for future growth responsibly. By prioritizing recycling and proper waste management, they demonstrate that demolition is not only about tearing down, but also about creating a sustainable future.

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